Maintaining the beauty and longevity of your Tennessee wood fence or deck is crucial to protect your investment, but many homeowners and new staining professionals often make avoidable mistakes that can result in unsightly and poorly protected fences. We have years of experience as a top Tennessee fence and deck staining company, so we know how to avoid the top six mistakes commonly made during fence and deck staining. Read on for helpful wood staining tips that we help you achieve a beautiful and long-lasting stained fence or deck.

Common Fence and Deck Staining Mistakes

Staining a fence or deck is a great way to add character and enhance the appearance of your outdoor space. However, it’s important to avoid common mistakes when staining to ensure your fence or deck remains in optimal condition, looks great and lasts for years. Here are some tips for avoiding common fence and deck staining mistakes. 

  • Waiting Too Long to Stain

The first mistake homeowners often make is waiting too long to stain their fences. Traditional advice suggests waiting for a year or more to let the wood “season.” However, this waiting period can lead to several problems. UV damage can cause the wood to turn gray, while mold, mildew, and debris can accumulate, clogging the wood’s pores. When you finally stain the fence, these imperfections will become more pronounced. Instead, it is recommended to stain the fence as soon as possible, ideally a few weeks after installation.

  • Improper Moisture Level

Another common mistake is neglecting to check the moisture content of the wood before staining. New fences, especially those made of treated pine, often have a high moisture content. You can use a moisture meter available at hardware stores or simply touch the wood with the back of your hand to determine the moisture level. If it feels cool, it’s likely too wet for staining. As a professional Nashville, TN fence and deck staining company, we recommend aiming for a moisture content of 13% or less before applying stain. This is a crucial factor in whether or not the stain will be applied appropriately and do its job as it should. 

  • Lack of Proper Prep

Proper preparation is essential for achieving a professional-looking fence stain. Many homeowners overlook this step, resulting in overspray on adjacent surfaces or leaving remnants of the fence unstained. Take the time to mask off surrounding areas, such as houses, driveways, or air conditioning units. Additionally, if you have gate hardware, make sure to mask it off as well. Doing the necessary prep work will prevent unwanted staining and ensure a clean finish.

  • Too Much or Not Enough Stain

Finding the right balance of stain application is crucial for protecting your fence effectively. The fourth mistake commonly encountered is an imbalance in the amount of stain used. Some individuals tend to use excessive amounts, while others apply too little. To protect your fence adequately, it’s important to apply a generous and even coat of stain. Think of it like applying sunscreen at the beach. You want full coverage to ensure the best possible protection against the elements.

  • Inconsistent Application

The fifth mistake is the inconsistent application of the stain. This often results in a fence that looks haphazard and unprofessional. Avoid staining the top half separately from the bottom half, as this can create visible lines in the middle. Strive for a uniform and consistent application from top to bottom, with minimal overlap. This will give your fence a seamless and polished appearance.

  • Using the Wrong Product

Perhaps the most significant mistake is using the wrong stain product altogether. Many products on the market are challenging to apply, dry too quickly, or have weather restrictions that limit their effectiveness. It’s crucial to choose a stain that is user-friendly, has conditioning oils to prevent warping and cracking, and offers self-leveling properties. Our Tennessee fence staining company’s proprietary product, Expert Stain and Seal, has been designed to provide optimal results and ease of use for both homeowners and professionals.

Your Tennessee Fence Staining Company is Here to Help You Avoid Mistakes! 

By avoiding these six common fence staining mistakes and selecting the right stain product, you can achieve a beautiful, long-lasting, and professionally finished fence. Don’t wait too long to stain your fence, check the moisture content, and take the time to prepare properly. Apply the stain evenly and consistently while using an appropriate amount. Finally, choose a stain product that is user-friendly and made to provide the best results. 


While you can successfully achieve excellent results on your own if you’d like to embark on a DIY fence or deck staining project, we invite you to give your Nashville, TN fence and deck staining company, Stain and Seal Experts, a call to do the deck or fence staining job for you.

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