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Pre-Stained Wood Decks

We are Mt. Juliet's leader in Pre-Staining for Wood Decks

Stain & Seal Experts is proud to be the leading Pre-Staining Company for Wood Decks in Mt. Juliet, and the surrounding area since 2012.

We have built our reputation, one happy customer at a time. We are also proud to be recognized as one of the leading voices nationally - in the staining and sealing industry. Rest assured, no one knows outdoor wood care and restoration like we do!

Call our Nashville area Stain & Seal experts today at (615) 785-1861 and ask us about our Pre-Staining service for Wood Decks. You'll quickly see why we are the industry leader in Pre-Staining Wood Decks!

Pre-Staining service for Wood Decks in the Mt. Juliet, TN area
Expertly trained Wood Decks Pre-Staining staff in the Nashville area.

Expertly Trained Staff

Our Nashville-based team is expertly trained in the latest and best techniques in Staining and Sealing for Wood Decks. This ensures the highest possible quality for you!

Industry-leading wood products for Wood Decks.

Industry Leading Products

Stain & Seal Experts is proud to use our own unique brand of stain - which has been recognized as one of the best and safest stain products on the market.

Leading Wood Decks Pre-Staining company in Nashville

A Company You Can Trust

Since 2012, Stain & Seal Experts has been the leading Wood Decks staining, cleaning, and Staining and Sealing company in the entire Nashville region.

Is Pre-Staining Your Wood Deck Right for You?

Pre-Staining is ONLY for NEW Wood Decks that haven't started the project yet. If this is you ... you're in luck!

Nashville, TN wood Pre-Stain Service

You're in luck!

Pre-Stain for wood decks is only available to brand new wood projects (before installation). This is due to the fact that each board is fully submerged in the stain, then expertly dried in a climate-controlled environment for maximum quality control and the ultimate protection for your wood deck.

Pre-staining is the perfect solution for protecting your wood deck and other outdoor wood features.

We have made it easy for you to get an instant estimate on your project in less than 5 minutes!

Nashville, TN wood deck staining and sealing service

Your Best Option is Probably Our Stain & Seal Service

Newer decks in the Nashville area (usually under 6 months) typically receive our staining and sealing service. Not only does our stain beautify your deck, but it seals it and protects it for years to come!

If your deck is new and in great shape, this is your best choice!

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Nashville, TN wood deck cleaning and staining service

Your Best Option is Cleaning and Staining

Slightly older decks that are still in reasonably good condition in the Nashville area benefit from our clean and stain service.

Not only is our team expertly trained in every facet of this process, but we use the industries best and safest products.

If your deck needs a cleaning before we stain and seal it, this is your best option.

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Nashville, TN outdoor wood deck restoration service

The Perfect Solution for You Is Complete Outdoor Wood Restoration

Before you replace your deck, have our professionals complete a full evaluation! Many Nashville area homeowners are surprised that they can not only save their deck, but it looks amazing once we have finished our deck restoration process!

If your deck appears to be in really poor condition, our deck restoration service is your best option.

Learn About Our Wood Deck Restoration Service

Explore Our Pre-Staining Service

Pre-stain for wood decks is a great choice for Nashville area homeowners and businesses.

Without a quality sealant applied at proper intervals, the life of any natural wood deck is greatly compromised. Our team at Stain and Seal Experts has over 100 combined years of wood deck staining experience. Our talented crews have been factory-trained and certified! We make sure to go over and above for every project to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Complete Coverage

A huge benefit of pre-staining wood for decks is that you completely cover all 6 sides of each board. Both edges, both ends, and both faces - every part of the wood is completely covered and receives the maximum protection! Once a deck is built, there are areas of the wood that are no longer fully accessible to future staining or wood care. Unfortunately, these same areas are also where much of the future damage will occur because these areas remain damp and dark most of the time - making them prime spots for the growth of mildew and the onset of decay.

Drastically Extend the Life of Your Wood Deck

The US Forest Products Lab (a government run research institute) has conducted extensive testing on the positive impact of pre-staining outdoor wood. Their finding reveal that pre-staining makes lumber last an order of magnitude longer - greatly extending the life of your deck and all other outdoor structures.

Better Results

Pre-staining wood in our climate-controlled facility using high quality equipment, ensures equal coverage for a more consistent result. Uneven color is a common complaint for stain companies. The condition of the wood (how wet it is at the time of staining) and the subsequent weather immediately after the staining process can have an impact on the absorption of the color pigments and will, therefor, impact the final resulting color. Pre-staining (mostly) eliminates these variables by controlling the temperature and humidity at which the stain is applied!

No Mess

Pre-staining eliminates messes on the job! "Over spray" is when nearby objects (bushes, sidewalks, houses, cars, etc) may be hit with stain that was carried in the breeze or from the slip of a hand. Pre-stain completely eliminates this possibility and reduces clean-up to (basically) zero.

For homeowners, this provides peace-of-mind. For staining contractors, this eliminates liability!

Not All Pre-Staining Methods Are the Same. Like many things in life, there are ways to do things, and then there are even better ways. The Stain and Seal Experts way is better, here is why:

Climate Controlled Pre-Staining Facility

Our pre-staining facility is climate controlled to maintain the optimal temperatures and humidity levels - this maximizes and equalizes the absorption of our stain by the wood. The benefit to you is that each and every board looks its best and will receive maximum protection for the longest life possible.

Industry-Best Pre-Staining Equipment

There are many methods of pre-staining. To be fair, just about any professional pre-stain method is pretty good. However, our industry-leading factory method brushes the stain into the grooves and grain of the wood, evenly - ensuring the greatest penetration and consistent color absorption.

Conditioning Oils

Because we use the absolute highest-quality wood products, our stain includes high-quality conditioning oils that penetrate all the way down to the very center of the wood. These oils prevent warping, twisting, and cracking that is common in non-stained wood - by keeping the wood healthy and conditioned. In fact, these oils are so effective, they can even rehab older warped and cracked wood - restoring much of the "life" back into older boards (we cover this in greater detail in our Wood Restoration section).

Pay special attention to this benefit! Any stain can be applied to wood and make it "look" better … but our stain and our process actually makes your wood healthier!

For professionals, this is a huge benefit to you and your business. The #1 call-back in the fence business is to address the warping, twisting, and cracking that occurs so often. You can literally solve one of your biggest headaches by pre-staining your wood with us!

Penetrating Oil Based Stains and Sealers really are the best way to preserve your fence or deck, and here's why!

Stain & Seal Experts offers Eco-Shield Premium Pre-Stained Lumber and Lumber Pre-Staining Service. Perfect for contractors, wholesalers and DIY projects. Take the fuss and the mess out of staining while coating all six sides of your lumber for the ultimate in protection with Eco-shield Pre-Stained Lumber.

We have over a dozen of the most popular color options for your fence, deck, or other outdoor wood structures.

stain colors

Our stain colors come in transparent, semi-transparent, and semi-solid varieties to handle nearly every situation.

We also have solid stains and paints available which are particularly popular with commercial, agricultural, and equine applications.

Explore Our Color Options
Pre-Staining service for Wood Decks in the Mt. Juliet, TN area

Working With Us: Our Process

We have streamlined our process to make it easy and enjoyable to work with us! When you choose to work with the staining experts at Stain & Seal Experts, here is what you can expect:

Pre-Staining service for Wood Decks in the Mt. Juliet, TN area

Your Wood Deck is Organic, But ...

Organic, by definition, is a living or once-living organism.

All wood is a natural material that comes from a once-living tree that was cut down and sent to be made into lumber for your Wood Decks. Starting from the moment the tree was cut down, it began to decay - this is nature's way of recycling.

The rate of decay can be attributed to a number of factors that can be summed up as "Mother Nature". Sun, wind, rain, and insects all work in perfect precision to destroy your Wood Decks. Staining the wood will beautify its appearance. Sealing the porous wood grain will inhibit decay and rot. The conditioning oils in our stain will condition the wood and will stop warping, twisting, and cracking. This is why it is vitally important to protect your fence with a good quality wood stain and sealant!

The Expert Difference

Caleb & Ashley Roth founded Stain & Seal Experts as a small family owned Nashville based service business back in 2012. Today, we are an international brand, and we are proud to bring a safe, long-lasting professional wood care and products into the industry. Our home services include: Fence Staining, Deck Staining, Cabin Staining, Hardwood Maintenance, and Wood Restoration throughout all of Tennessee and nationwide for very large or interesting projects.

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