When it comes to enhancing the natural beauty of a wood fence or deck, your choice of stain color plays a pivotal role. Whether you’re aiming to maintain the wood’s original grain or give it a complete makeover with a bolder hue, the right stain can make all the difference. Let’s explore the array of stain color choices offered by Stain and Seal Experts. 

As a top Tennessee fence staining company that also offers our staining products for purchase, Stain and Seal Experts have been at the forefront of developing the highest quality stains featuring the most traditional to the most modern color options, from transparent to semi-solid looks. Starting with the level of coverage you are interested in for your outdoor wood, we’re breaking down each of the 18 beautiful colors we offer and how they can enhance your property.

Transparent Stains Showcase Wood’s Natural Beauty

Transparent stains are considered the option with the most minimal coverage. They are perfect for wood that’s newer or in excellent condition as they enhance its inherent beauty. With transparent stains, you allow the maximum amount of wood grain to show through, which gives a natural and authentic look to your surfaces. Since there is not as much pigment as other stains, transparent stains require reapplication more often. While they are beautiful, it’s important to make sure you’re ready to commit to the maintenance required. 

Transparent Stain Colors from Your Tennessee Fence Staining Company:

Clear: A pristine finish that lets the wood speak for itself. A great water sealer with some UV protection, however, clear stain will need to be reapplied every 12-16 months.
Honey: A touch of warmth without overpowering the wood’s inherent tones. One of our most popular colors that looks great on new wood but will need to be reapplied more often than other choices. 
Cedar: Enhances the wood with a classic, rustic cedar touch. This is also a popular choice for new wood, but reapplication should be performed more frequently than other stain choices.
Redwood: Bold yet transparent, bringing forth rich redwood nuances. As a transparent stain, like the others, this will need to be reapplied to maintain its look.

Semi-transparent Stains Combine Rich Color with Wood Grain

Semi-transparent stains are a perfect blend of synthetic resins and natural oils. They maintain that fresh wood look, blending semi-transparent colors while showcasing the wood grain and texture. Notably, they come with silicone enhancement, crucial for water repellency, especially on horizontal surfaces like decks. These stains are specifically designed for exterior wood surfaces and offer a 2-year warranty from your trusted Tennessee fence staining company, Stain and Seal Experts. Since they feature a larger amount of pigment, semi-transparent stains last longer than transparent stains. You can plan to reapply this type of stain every 3-5 years, depending on the age and type of wood that your fence or deck is made from. 

Semi-Transparent Stain Colors from Your Tennessee Fence Staining Company:

Pecan: Adds a nutty richness to your wood surfaces
Mahogany: Deep, luxurious, and timeless.
Sequoia: A hint of forest essence, bringing nature closer.
Chestnut: Rustic, rich, and cozy.
Walnut: Elegant and versatile, adding a touch of classic beauty.

Semi-solid Stains Deliver a Bold Look to Your Fence or Deck

For wood that has seen better days or simply for those who love a bolder appearance, semi-solid stains come into play. They have a higher pigment concentration, ensuring a thicker coat. While they are often used to camouflage wood imperfections, many people opt for semi-solid stains simply for the vibrant colors or the fuller look they offer. We use an opaque pigment system, so with semi-solid stains, you cannot see through them. They’re used in a similar way to paint; however, the key difference is that they are penetrating stains that go into the wood and not just on top of it. 

Semi-Solid Stain Colors from Your Tennessee Fence Staining Company:

Palomino: A golden touch of brown with a yellow tone, reminiscent of sun-kissed plains.
Auburn: Warm and earthy, a rustic favorite that is popular out West.
Sable: Subtle, sophisticated, and slightly mysterious with the look of milk chocolate.
Chocolate: Deep, delicious, and comforting with the look of dark chocolate. This is darker than a lot of brown stains on the market and looks great with modern construction.
Cape Cod: Fresh, breezy, and light shade of gray.
Slate: A gray that has a modern touch, edgy yet refined.
Eucalyptus: A refreshing, calm, and serene shade of gray with a touch of green.
Barnwood: A rustic throwback, grounding, and genuine.
Black: Bold, contemporary, and statement-making.

Solid Stains: The Perfect Solution for Aged Fences

If your fence has seen better days, solid stains might just be the perfect answer. Unlike the oil-based options from Stain and Seal Experts, these solid colors are water-based, offering a completely opaque finish that doesn’t allow the underlying wood grain or any imperfections to show through. The charm of solid stains lies in their ability to breathe new life into old, weathered fences. If you have a fence that’s a patchwork of mismatched boards or has undergone numerous restorations over the years, a solid stain can unify the look, making it appear new and refreshed.

For fences that are truly on their last leg but you’re hoping to squeeze a few more years out of them, solid stains are a brilliant option. They function similarly to paint in their coverage but are specifically designed for wooden fences, ensuring durability and a uniform finish. Many homeowners find themselves gravitating towards this option, given its ability to hide imperfections and offer a polished, renewed look. If you’re dealing with an older fence and aren’t quite ready to replace it yet, solid stains might just be the rejuvenating touch you need.

Solid Stain Colors from Your Tennessee Fence Staining Company:

Russet Brown: A rich hue, evoking earthy warmth and depth.
Cordovan Brown: A darker shade that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Stain and Seal Experts: The Tennessee Fence Staining Company Known for Stain Colors with Quality and Style 

It’s no secret that the right stain can transform your wood surfaces, whether it’s a wood deck, wood fence, or any other wood structure. With the plethora of finish and color options provided by Stain and Seal Experts in Nashville, TN, you’re bound to find a hue that resonates with your style and the wood’s character while ensuring that it is of the highest quality.

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