We have been getting a lot of questions in the Nashville, Tennessee area about how we get such beautiful results from our completed wood staining projects while some Do-It-Your-Selfers finish their project wishing they had hired a pro. I am specifically talking about fences and decks that have stripes, drips, runs, and light or dark places in the stain job. We have all seen a fence or deck with these problems, so we’ve taken the time to write some tips for you about how to fix it!

3 Simple Stain and Seal Guidelines for Wood Projects

99% of our fence stain or deck stain inconsistencies across properties in Nashville, Tennessee and beyond can be cured by following these 3 basic stain and seal guidelines. Each of these guidelines work for everyone using stain and seal for any outdoor wood structure you are aiming to protect.

1. Make sure you have the right product for the right application.  

Whether you have a fence or a deck, be sure you’re using the correct stain formula for your specific wood structure. Not following this rule can cause a lot of headaches and may not protect your wood fence or deck the best way possible. At Stain and Seal Experts, we have a team of professionals who can help you determine what you need based on your specific location and structures.

2. ALWAYS apply stain by following the grain or length of the board.

If you want to end up with an even finish to your wood fence or deck, this rule is a critical step. It doesn’t matter if you spray, roll or brush your stain on …you must follow this rule! Simply doing this one thing will eliminate all of your striping issues.

3. Be consistent in your stain and seal application.

This tip is the final piece to the puzzle. If you have 3 people doing their own thing on your fence or deck you are going to have a nightmare on your hands. Make sure that once you find a method that works for you that everyone working on the project follows the same wood stain application method throughout the whole job.


No matter what type of wood structure you have at your Nashville area property, follow these 3 steps, and you can be sure to have a beautifully stained fence or deck every time. If you want to learn more you can see this link to a video we made on this very subject!


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