Wood fences are a beautiful addition to any property, but understanding how to care for them can sometimes be a challenge. One of the primary considerations regarding wood fences is whether to leave them unfinished or to protect them with a quality stain or paint. As a top Tennessee fence sealing company, Stain & Seal Experts are here to offer some guidance. This article will share some of the benefits of finishing your wood fence and help you decide whether paint or stain is best for your fence. 

Should I Leave My Fence Natural? 

You may be tempted to skip painting or staining your new wood fence because you think it will save you money. This can be an appealing thought, especially if you are concerned about your budget, but it’s not really a wise money-saving plan. Wood fences that are properly sealed and protected by a Tennessee fence staining company are less likely to warp, twist, rot, and fade avoiding the need to replace and repair a neglected fence. If you like the look of your natural wood grain, there are options that provide sealing protection while still allowing the wood grain to show. 

Should I Paint or Stain My Fence? 

Paint and stain are both good options for finishing your wood fence. If you are looking for a custom color, a mural, or a unique pattern, paint is a good choice. It will seal your fence and protect it from the elements, and paint has a lot of color options. The downside of choosing paint is that it will need to be reapplied more frequently than stain. Paint usually needs to be reapplied every 2 to 3 years or more often whenever there is any chipping, peeling, or splitting. Once the paint cracks, the protective barrier is broken, and water can get to the wood, making it susceptible to rot and damage. Additionally, repainting usually takes longer than restaining because any loose paint must be scraped off before new paint can be applied. This makes painting a lot more time-consuming than staining. 

While we do appreciate some of the benefits of paint, as an expert Tennessee fence sealing company, we recommend stain for several reasons. These are just a few benefits of staining: 

Stain Offers High-Quality Protection 

Oil-based stains offer superior protection against moisture, mold, mildew, and rot. Conditioning oils soak deep into the wood, providing excellent protection against twisting and warping. These benefits make stains much more protective than painting. 

Stain Extends the Life of the Fence

An unfinished fence has no protection against weather conditions, making it susceptible to damage that will cause it to turn gray and deteriorate more quickly than a finished fence. A high-quality, oil-based stain eliminates these concerns by protecting against water and UV damage. 

Stained Fences are Attractive 

Staining your fence will protect it, increase its beauty, and elevate its natural grain. As an experienced Tennessee fence sealing company, we offer oil-based stains in many shades and transparencies. Check out our selection of stain colors to see what will work best for your fence. 

We love our oil-based stains, and we think after seeing their benefits that you will, too! We have become the leading Tennessee fence sealing company, and we are here with solutions for all of your staining, sealing, and restoration needs. Whether you want to do your next project yourself or need one of our experienced teams to preserve or restore your wood structure, we have exactly what you need. To see some of our favorite completed projects, visit our website and view our photo gallery

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