Stain and Seal Experts of Nashville, Tennessee, is proud to have been awarded a bid for the wood restoration project for the Green Brook Park Playground this fall. The town of Smithville, Tennessee budgeted for this great project and we are thrilled to complete this important wood restoration for our local community.

Wood Restoration Project Begins Soon!

During a recent monthly meeting in August, Mayor Josh Miller of Smithville, Tennessee, brought our Stain & Seal Experts bid to the committee with our proposal to fully restore their 25-year-old playground at Green Brook Park. Before bringing it to a vote, Smithville’s Mayor said, “Green Brook Park equipment has kind of been let go and I think this is a step in the right direction.” 


The town’s vote was unanimous! Starting in the fall, our professional wood cleaning, staining, and wood restoration team will be on the job, working hard to bring new life into this beautiful spot for children and families to safely enjoy the outdoors in their own backyard. The scope of the project includes restoring all of the existing wooden playground equipment, benches, and the overall infrastructure of the park.

Our Wood Restoration Process in TN

For all of our wood restoration projects in the greater Nashville, TN region, we use a multi-step process for wood restoration and the thorough protection of wood decks, fences, and other outdoor structures. With our industry-leading experience in the field, our tried-and-true method has helped many people to restore their wood structures rather than going through the cost and hassle of having them replaced. It’s amazing what quality products and expert professional service can do!

Starting the Process with Wood Cleaning

The first step to successful wood restoration is cleaning the existing grime, mildew, and leftover coatings from the wood. We’ve created a line of Expert Stain and Seal products just for this purpose! Once our team evaluates the condition and needs of each wood structure on a project, we determine which products to use for the best possible outcome. You can find more details on each of these specialized wood cleaners, strippers, and brighteners here.

Continuing Restoration with High-Quality Wood Staining 

Once all of the wood has been thoroughly cleaned, we allow the wood to dry to the proper moisture content before staining can begin. Our full line of stains includes 18 beautiful colors in transparent, semi-transparent, and semi-solid colors to allow you to select your perfect look! Often for wood restoration projects involving older and aging wood, we recommend our semi-solid colors. For newer wood, our semi-transparent selections make a great choice!

Semi-Solid Stains are Great for Older Wood

Many people don’t realize that stains can be so much more than beautiful colors. Semi-solid stains coat more thoroughly, hiding some of the imperfections common in older wood that has not been properly cared for over long periods of time. While it hides the age, it also hides the texture and wood grains more, so we highly recommend semi-solid stains for older wood structures.

Semi-Transparent Stains are Great for Newer Wood

Semi-transparent stains cover slightly aged wood which is common with many wood restoration projects.  Coming in a variety of our most popular colors, our line of semi-transparent stains is appropriate for most wood restoration projects and may be a good choice for this Green Brook Park project as well.


Every one of our stains is made with deep-penetrating conditioning oil for the best protection and longest-lasting results. When you use a stain product from Expert Stain and Seal, your wood will be protected from things like UV damage, cupping, warping, cracking, and loss of color. It also prevents water absorption to keep your fence or deck from rotting or losing its structural integrity.


When our stain professionals complete a job, like this specific project at Green Park Playground, we always use precautions around the plastic and metal pieces of the playground equipment, benches, railings, and any other plastic or metal components to avoid overspray of the stain.

Expert Stain and Seal’s Product Safety Promise

Some other common staining products are made with a high level of unstable chemicals called VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that give off harmful gasses putting the environment and people at risk. Expert Stain and Seal wood restoration and staining products are different! We’ve formulated our high-quality oil-based stains with a low VOC to ensure the safety of our customers and neighborhoods. Not only do we care about the quality of the product you’re getting, but the safety of our earth and everyone in it.

Have Questions about Wood Restoration in Tennessee?

Our experts are just a phone call away and happy to answer your questions about the services we offer and products to help you keep your wood fences, decks, and other structures for years beyond expectations. We are happy to serve Nashville and the surrounding areas of Tennessee to keep you protected and your wooden structures looking new! Give us a call and visit our website to explore and learn more about who we are and how we can be of service to you.