In the midst of the vibrant southern charm that Tennessee offers, it can be easy to forget about the outdoor spaces that also require attention and care, particularly your backyard deck. But fear not, whether you’re in the bustling heart of Nashville or the serene outskirts like Mount Juliet, a leading Tennessee deck cleaning company is ready to come to the rescue. As they say, ‘old is gold’, and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to older decks in Tennessee. Let’s delve into how we can help breathe life into your deck of any age through our professional refinishing process and ensure it lasts many more years.

Key Benefits of Deck Restoration

Decks, over time, face the harshness of changing weather and constant wear and tear. But you’d be surprised to learn that many of these seemingly dilapidated decks, especially in the Nashville area, can be restored to their former glory. A warped or cracked deck might look beyond repair, but with the adept hands of a Tennessee deck refinishing company like Stain and Seal Experts, these flaws can be reversed.

Save Money

A significant advantage of deck restoration is the potential savings. Opting for deck restoration is often far more affordable than a full replacement, and with the proper care, your revived deck can serve you beautifully for another 5-10 years.

Keep Your “Better” Deck

Many older decks, especially those built a decade or more ago in Tennessee, utilized superior-grade wood, often clear cedar, which is less prevalent today. If you were to replace your deck now, you’d either compromise on wood quality or shell out a hefty sum. So, if you have one of these precious decks, restoration becomes a compelling option.

Faster and Easier Process

Deck restoration, especially when undertaken by experts like Stain and Seal, is a smoother experience than you might imagine, particularly when compared to the cumbersome process of deck replacement.

At Stain and Seal Experts, a trusted Tennessee deck refinishing company, we have cemented our reputation through our dedicated service to outdoor wood cleaning, care, and restoration. By partnering with us, you are not just opting for a service but a legacy of expertise.

Our 5-Step Restoration Process

A Thorough Sanding

Any restoration begins by addressing the surface. A meticulous sanding removes any splintered wood, imperfections, and “fuzzy” residues, leaving behind a smooth surface that’s both visually appealing and comfortable to the touch.

Pre-Wet the Wood

This step, often overlooked by others, ensures that the wood is primed and ready for the upcoming procedures. 

Apply Our Powerful Eco-Cleaner

Specifically formulated for outdoor wood structures, this eco-friendly cleaner delves deep, ensuring a clean that’s both gentle and effective.

Thorough Rinsing

After the cleaner does its magic, a thorough rinse ensures that dirt, mold, and debris are washed away, revealing a clean and fresh deck.

Brightening, Sealing, and Staining

Now, for the finishing touches! Our brightener not only restores the wood’s natural color but also preps it for the stain. This is where the conditioning oils come in, penetrating the wood to rejuvenate and protect it.

The unique approach that our team at Stain and Seal Experts takes, especially our emphasis on penetrating oil-based stains and sealers, is in line with both industry standards and our own in-depth research and development of our products. Our staining and sealing methods aren’t just different, but they are better and attuned to what the wood truly needs.

With over a dozen stain color options available, Stain and Seal Experts ensure that your deck not only regains its strength through the staining process but also looks beautiful.

The Best Solutions with Our Tennessee Deck Refinishing Company 

Whether you’re considering sprucing up your deck or contemplating a replacement, consulting with a Tennessee deck cleaning company like Stain and Seal Experts might offer a solution you hadn’t considered. As the adage goes, “Why replace when you can restore?” Give your deck the second chance it deserves.

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