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Setting the Standards for Wood Staining and Rejuvenation in Hendersonville TN

Our customers in Hendersonville TN can rest assured that no one knows outdoor wood care and restoration like we do! For more than 30 years, Stain & Seal Experts have been the industry leaders in wood cleaning, protecting, and rejuvenation.

Stain & Seal Experts is proud to use our own unique brand of stain - which has been recognized as one of the best and safest stain products on the market. We offer transparent, semi-transparent, and semi-solid stains in a variety of colors to suit all preferences and our staining and sealing products will provide optimal protection for your wood project.

Our Hendersonville-based team is expertly trained in the latest and best techniques in staining and sealing for wood decks, fences, and outdoor wood structures. You'll get exemplary, professional service from start to finish with our knowledgeable and friendly office staff, to our meticulous team in the field. Stain & Seal Experts is proud to serve our Hendersonville neighbors with the best service in the industry!

Hendersonville Tennessee outdoor wood staining company

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Our team of outdoor wood restoration experts is ready to answer any questions you may have! We service fences, decks, and outdoor wood structures in the Hendersonville TN area. Get the answers you need right away!!

Wood Staining and Restoration Services for Hendersonville

Outdoor wood fences, decks, and other outdoor structures are traditionally beautiful but do require some maintenance like staining and sealing to enhance their beauty and ensure their lifespan. The professionals at Stain & Seal Experts can help you maintain your investment with our expert services.

Hendersonville TN outdoor wood pre-staining Service

HendersonvillePre-Staining Wood Fences & Decks

If you plan on installing a new fence or deck, then pre-staining the lumber products, before installation, will allow for quick work of applying our superior oil-based staining products to enhance the look of the wood and add a protective coating to make sure your fence or deck is protected from the start!

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Hendersonville TN outdoor wood staining and sealing service

HendersonvilleStain & Seal Service

If you have a newer fence or deck that has been installed for less than 6 months, preserving it with our stain and seal service is a terrific way to keep your outdoor wood structure looking great! Outdoor wood constructions deteriorate quickly, and this service will protect them to keep them looking great for longer.

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Hendersonville TN outdoor wood cleaning and staining service

HendersonvilleCleaning & Staining

For older fences and decks that are in good condition, then choosing our cleaning and staining service will help prolong the life of your investment. After a while, your wood fence or deck will begin to show its age, but a thorough cleaning and sealing with our professional staining treatments will restore its natural beauty.

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Hendersonville TN outdoor wood restoration service

HendersonvilleWood Restoration Service

Some older fences don't need replacement, they just need a makeover so before you replace that older fence or deck, let us provide you with a full evaluation to see if our fence and deck restoration deck can put some life back into your outdoor wood project. Sometimes some TLC can make all the difference!

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Work with the leader in professional wood staining and restoration services in Hendersonville Tennessee since 2012

As a locally owned and run company, serving property owners across Hendersonville Tennessee and beyond, Stain & Seal Experts takes great pride in exceeding the expectations of our clients with excellent customer service and high-quality work. Hendersonville Tennessee residents can rely on our team of professionals for all kinds of wood staining and restoration needs, including fence and deck staining, outdoor wood structure staining, and restoration of any of your outdoor wood structures.

Quality workmanship, satisfied customers, and affordable pricing set Stain & Seal Experts apart from the competition in the wood staining industry. We have an experienced and well-trained crew that is here to help you turn your old wood fence, deck, or gazebo back into a showpiece!

With nearly 30 years of experience in the staining industry, the professionals at Stain & Seal Experts are here to give you the best service in the industry! Learn more about our products and services, and how we serve property owners in Hendersonville Tennessee and beyond. Get your questions answered and get a free quote for your staining project by contacting us today!

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Hendersonville Staining and Sealing FAQs

Check out our most frequently asked questions about our staining and sealing services in Hendersonville Tennessee.

Protecting the fence, deck, pergola, cedar shakes, and other wooden structures on your property is a worthy investment. The outdoor living space, privacy, and aesthetic appeal provided by these parts of your property are valuable. Staining and sealing your fence, deck, cedar-sided home, pergola, or wooden outdoor structure offers a number of benefits to the homeowner, including preservation of the wood, protection from the elements and wear and to restore existing structures to their original beauty just to name a few.

If your fence or deck has recently been built, there is usually a waiting period before staining it. Although there are differing opinions about when a fence or deck should be stained, there is a general rule of thumb. If the wood has a moisture level below 13%, the fence or deck can be stained. However, delays might occur in the event of rain, so it is best to stain when there are a few clear weather days in a row. The professionals at Stain & Seal Experts can help you with a recommendation on the right timing for your project.

Our oil-based penetrating stains do not have temperature or sunlight restrictions. However, the wood must be dry, with a moisture level under 13%. As a result, in some parts of the country, it is generally safe to stain year-round.

We always recommend that you pick the stain you like! Some stain colors tend to be a bit more popular than others due to differing maintenance requirements or simply how well they blend with the most common colors seen in homes and neighborhoods. Darker colors generally require less maintenance than lighter or natural tones. Dark stains and black stains have become popular for creating a bold look and often produce a great contrast against homes or other structures, with the added benefit of requiring less maintenance. However, if you need a bit more guidance, there are a few things that you can take into consideration when choosing a stain color.

In the case of existing wooden structures on your property, choosing a stain that complements those existing colors might be a good idea. Another consideration you might need to take into account is any HOA regulations since some require particular colors of stain or need advanced approval for stains. Additionally, keep in mind that colors appear slightly different in different lights. Just like how a paint color inside a house can look different at various times during the day, your fence or deck stain can appear slightly different in various lighting situations as well. It is always a good idea to stain a sample of the type of wood you are using so you can see it throughout the day to be sure it is the stain color you want.

When you stain your fence or deck, you are protecting the investment you made to build that structure. The cost of staining can vary slightly, but this is a general guide to the investment:

To have a fence stained, the price generally ranges from $0.70 - $1.25 per square foot on most projects. Because decks tend to have more details than fences, they are priced a bit differently. The floors range from $3.00 - $5.00 per square foot, steps range from $25.00 - $40.00 each, deck railings range from $10.00 - $20.00 per linear foot. Posts, beams, and undersides of the deck can be done for an additional cost.

Included in the service is a 3-year warranty on the stain and 1-year warranty on the workmanship. Some charges might be applicable for additional services, such as trimming the grass around the fence or deck, moving furniture, or removing lighting or decor from fences or decks. There are several other factors that can affect the cost, including obstacles, pools, large landscaping, and ease of access.

One overall recommendation is to ensure your contractor is able to access the wooden structure with ease. Trimming back large landscaping from fence or deck lines will help your contractor be able to get to all parts of your fence or deck. Make an effort to remove all furniture from decks, along with ornamental items or decor, such as hanging or potted plants, patio lighting (if it is against the fence or in the way of a deck structure), and outdoor rugs. Mowing the grass around the base of all structures is beneficial, along with weed-eating along fence lines. Also, your contractor would appreciate if you turn off any scheduled sprinkler use.

At Stain & Seal Experts we believe maintaining your outdoor space is just as important as maintaining your indoor space! It is best to clean stained decks and fences with a broom or leaf blower several times a year. This will keep dirt particles and debris off the wood. A soft wash with gentle cleaning chemicals is recommended once a year to "sanitize" your wooden structures. This will also kill any organic growth that your fence or deck might accumulate. Other than general cleaning, applying a maintenance coat of stain to your fence every three years will keep it looking perfect. For decking, the same maintenance routine is best done every two years on horizontal surfaces and high-traffic areas, and every four years on vertical surfaces such as railings or spindles. This maintenance suggestion also depends on the color of stain you have chosen for your structure. Maintenance could be needed sooner for lightly pigmented colors or natural tones, while more heavily pigmented and darker stains tend to last longer between applications.

Don't worry! It is not too late to stain your fence or deck! Even older structures can be cleaned and restored. If your fence or deck is not very old, a basic wash is usually needed prior to staining and sealing. If your fence or deck is a bit older, a full restoration might be necessary before staining. Full fence restoration includes a cleaning and a wood brightener application. For decks, the wood usually needs to be sanded smooth after the cleaning process has been completed and before the staining begins.

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Our team of outdoor wood restoration experts is ready to answer any questions you may have! We service fences, decks, and outdoor wood structures in the Hendersonville TN area. Get the answers you need right away!!

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