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Wood Sealing Class

Staining University is designed to fill the huge need for contractors in the wood coatings industry.

So many staining contractors have been funneled into a one size fits all approach that just doesn’t work. 

The many markets throughout the US and rest of the world are completely different from one another and each requires an outside the box approach to achieve maximum success.  

Staining University will help you to get more leads, close more sales, provide a better finished product, outstanding customer experience, teach you how to truly be the Stain & Seal Expert in your market. 

Staining University™

The Only Top Notch Training to Quickly Accelerate Your Success in Any Staining Market

This program is great for established businesses like fencing, decking, painting or pressure washing contractors who want to add a staining service to their current business plan. Or entrepreneurs who want to kick the nine to five and get freedom in their lives.

Staining University™


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Staining University™ PRO

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Staining University™ PRO Private Facebook Group

An exclusive members only Facebook Group, where you can get immediate access to thousands of years of combined experience directly related to the stain & seal field.  Staining techniques, wood cleaners and strippers, bidding techniques etc…A no brainer for the staining professional!

Monthly Mastermind Call


Exclusive Staining University™ Facebook Group plus Access to Mastermind FB Group

Not for Everyone, this inner circle group is all about taking your

staining business to the next level.

Peer Invite Only

1 Group Mastermind Zoom Call per month to improve the industry


Talk to an EXPERT

Phone Consultations $150 per hr

Billed by the Quarter Hour

You will provide our team with a brief description of your problem, questions etc… 

This allows us to be prepared in advance to better utilize your time.   We can help with bidding, finishing, cleaning, pre finishing, restoration and other stain business related topics. 

Staining University & Fence Install School

FREE On-Site Training

Nashville Thursday February 24 – Saturday February 26th Staining University & Fence Install School will be held at the Wilson County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, TN on February 24 – 26, 2022.

Instructors include Joe Everest - The Fence Expert, Shawn King of Mr. Fence, Kenny Dugan of Stain Man, Jeff Konopack of Deck Medic, Caleb Roth of Stain & Seal Experts, Keynote Speaker Matt Warner of Empire Fence and MySalesman.

This conference will be two full days of fence installation, fence and deck staining, wood cleaning and restoration, business development, sales, open question and answer sessions, and hands-on training with Fence Industry leaders and experts! 

All instructors are real contractors that operate successful businesses and bring real life experience and knowledge to share during this free two-day event. Along with the expert instructors, several industry specific vendors and sponsors will be sharing equipment and tool demonstrations throughout the conference. Breakfast and lunch will be available, and a Thursday night social will take place. Please call Stain & Seal Experts at 615-785-1861 or email to register for Staining University. You can also register online by clicking below.

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