Pre Stained Lumber Service

Nashville Based, Stain & Seal Experts Provides Lumber Pre Staining Services to lumber suppliers, fence wholesalers and contractors throughout the US and Canada.  

Pre Staining is a great alternative to on site staining, pre staining eliminates the mess and its the only way to seal all 6 sides of your lumber. The Stain & Seal Experts can work with you to provide pre stained lumber for you or provide the service of pre staining your lumber package. It is also a great option for high end Western Red Cedar Siding, Cedar Fencing, Pergolas and other outdoor lumber.  We work with everyone, from  Architects all the way down to the end user to provide the best factory finish for every project, every time.

Is pre finishing right for my project?

Machine pre finishing

Machine pre finishing is trusted and respected by many experts across North America.

Among these experts are custom home builders, architects, fence builders, landscapers, and large wood associations.

Associations Include:

Machine pre finishing is ideal for giving your wood project maximum protection and longevity while giving a seamless even coverage with use of back brushing on each side.

Pre finishing is the only way to get stain and sealer on all six sides of your lumber for the ultimate finish.

Protection against Lumber

Protection against rot on all sides of the lumber.

In spraying applications almost half of the product is lost as it is sprayed and atomized in the air to float away. With machine finishing stains and sealers are evenly applied for a consistent look every single time and 99%+ of the product of all excess stain is reclaimed making this the most green or environmentally friendly way to stain and seal.
Rain delays are not an issue for the home owner or the contractor, the contractor may complete the job once and be done. Machine finishing helps the job go smoothly, less margin for error and a much cleaner job site. 
Our process allows the product to be applied at the optimum moisture content which allows the finish to last much longer and have perfect uniformity. 
We also offer pre dipping services, in Dallas,Texas many fence and patio contractors want their fences to be hand dipped into the stain, we have an entire line dedicated to hand dipping. We also have the special ability to hand dip very large beams, timbers and logs that most others simply cannot do. 

We offer you a great color selection, we use only the best oil based stains, the best water based stains and paints on the market..

Allowing lumber to weather is a bad idea, using information from the US Forest Products Laboratory, the UV rays from the sun can degrade the fibers of the wood. When this happens it can completely compromise the wood, the stain or paint will not fully bind to the wood making the applied product streaky and often unstable, compromising the durability of the stain or paint.
Our machine finishing process allows us to get the wood straight from the mill, covered by a wrap and protected from UV degradation. Once the wood arrives at our facility it is uncovered indoors and the moisture content is checked, if the requirement is met it can then be processed. From there it is fed into the pre finishing machine line with your desired stain or paint color, it is flood coated and the back brushed. We then inspect the finish as it comes off the line for quality and even coverage. From there your product is put on a drying racks indoor until it is dried enough to be stacked and wrapped and sent to your job site.
Lebanon Fence Staining


We specialize in these industries but are not limited to: Fencing, decking, siding, tongue and groove, pergolas, shiplap etc... and we can finish Western Red Cedar, Japanese Cedar, Kiln Dried Cedar, Incense Cedar, Pine, Cypress, Redwood and many other species.