Since 2012, Stain & Seal Experts has been the leading company in the entire Nashville region that provides exceptional service of outdoor wood structures. We are true experts in fence staining, deck staining, house staining, wood cleaning and restoration, and log home restoration. We’d love to tell you more about who we are and what we do!

Tennessee Stain and Seal Experts: Who We Are

Stain & Seal Experts is a small family-operated Nashville-based fence and deck staining company. We are also an expert Tennessee wood restoration company. Today, we not only run Nashville’s oldest, most trusted staining and sealing company, we manufacture and distribute oil-based stains and sealers and wood restoration chemicals. We have become a national brand and are making a positive impact on our industry. We serve the greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee area and have crews and teams that can travel to tackle larger projects, like farm fencing, as well.


We also offer industrial wood pre-finishing services and offer an entire line of Eco-Shield Pre-Stained Lumber. Our company hosts Staining University, an annual convention for Wood Restoration and Staining contractors from all over the country to come, train, and further their education in the Wood Restoration Industry.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Tennessee Wood Restoration and Preservation Company

You’ll want to make sure that you have a quality sealant applied at proper intervals for the life of any natural wood projects – from wood decks to wood fences, and other outdoor wood structures. This will prolong the longevity of your investment so it’s important to choose the right company with the knowledge and expertise to do the job right!


  • Professional Expertise

The team at Stain and Seal Experts has over 100 combined years of deck wood staining experience and has been factory-trained and certified. We make sure to go over and above for every project to ensure your complete satisfaction.


  • Warranty and Support

After any of our professional pre-staining, staining, or sealing services on your project have been completed, you will have the confidence of knowing that the work we have completed is backed by our amazing Lifetime Workmanship Warranty!  When you choose Stain & Seal Experts, not only do you know you’re receiving the benefits of a high quality stain to protect your wood fence or deck, but you also can be confident that we will be there for you in the future when you need us!


  • Quality Staining Products

Our products are a deep penetrating oil-based stain and sealer in one. High-quality stains will penetrate into the top layers of your wood and seal it to prevent water absorption, therefore, keeping rot and warping at bay for a long time.


Types of Stain and Seal We Use in Tennessee 

All of our Expert Stain and Seal formulas are created with non-drying oils and conditioners that penetrate deep to nurture wood from the inside out. Our proprietary stain and seal formula creates a barrier that will protect your wood for years to come, preventing warpage, cracking, and twisting.  All while maintaining ultra-low VOC levels, it is healthier for the environment and your family.


Our Expert Stain & Sealers are perfect for Western Red Cedar, Treated Pine, and other wood species and are easy to apply, non-filming, and never streak, run or leave lap marks. We provide a line of professional-grade wood care products that come in a variety of colors that are sure to match the look you want!


  • Transparent Wood Stain
    These stains come in beautiful the lightest in coverage and allow the natural wood grains of new wood to shine through. 


  • Semi-Transparent Wood Stain
    Semi-Transparent stains have medium coverage and are designed to highlight the natural beauty of the wood you apply it to while covering slight imperfections. Created with a high amount of trans oxide pigments our Semi-Transparent colors are recommended for use on wood fences, pergolas, gazebos, siding, and outdoor vertical wood surfaces. It can be applied to new or aged wood, pressure-treated wood, and any wood previously stained with a similar oil-based product.


  • Semi-Solid Wood Stain
    Semi-Solid stains will cover slight imperfections in your wood and work great on older, worn or aged fences. Please note that we do not recommend using the Semi-Solid Wood Stain on NEW decks as the color may rub off the new or covered smooth decking due to high pigment levels.

Other Services We Offer in the Nashville, Tennessee Area

Stain and Seal Experts are a full-service company and we can take care of all of your needs when it comes to wood fences, decks, and other outdoor structures.


Pre-Stain is only available for brand new wood projects (before installation). This is due to the fact that each board is fully submerged in the stain, then expertly dried in a climate-controlled environment for maximum quality control and the ultimate protection for your wood project. Pre-staining is the perfect solution for protecting your wood deck and other outdoor wood features.

Cleaning and Staining

Slightly older outdoor wood structures that are still in reasonably good condition in the Nashville area benefit from our clean and stain service. Not only is our team expertly trained in every facet of this process, but we use the industries best and safest products.

Wood Restoration Service

Before you replace your outdoor wood structures, have our Tennessee wood restoration company professionals complete a full evaluation! Many Nashville area homeowners are surprised that they can not only save their gazebos, pergolas, and other outdoor wood structures, but they look amazing once we have completed our restoration process!  If your outdoor wood appears to be in really poor condition, our wood restoration service is your best option.

Call the Stain & Seal Experts of Tennessee To Start Your Project Today!

The entire Stain & Seal Expert team is committed to making sure your experience with us is second to none! If you have questions or would like to discuss your wood restoration or brand new wood project, don’t hesitate to give our professional team a call! We love helping customers all across Tennessee find the perfect solution for their wood fence or deck needs. Call us at (615) 785-1861 or send us an email today!