As the weather warms up this summer, a backyard deck becomes the go-to spot for enjoying time with loved ones. Over time, your deck may show signs of wear and require refreshing. It’s advised to reseal your deck every 2 to 3 years for optimal appearance. Prepping your deck for resealing involves comprehensive cleaning to enhance wood penetration. By brightening and cleaning the wood, your deck will look like new!

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For the best outcome for your deck area, be sure to follow these recommendations from the team at Stain and Seal Experts, your local Tennessee wood deck restoration company. 

#1: Cleaning Your Deck the Right Way

Preparing to clean your deck involves several essential steps to ensure a thorough and effective process. To begin, clear the deck by removing any furniture, plants, or other items. This step allows for unobstructed access and makes the cleaning process more efficient. Next, sweep the deck to remove debris and loose dirt, ensuring a clean surface for the cleaning process.


After clearing the deck, pre-wet the wood to loosen embedded dirt and debris before proceeding with pressure washing. Using a pressure washer, carefully clean the deck surface to remove grime and stains effectively. To prevent damage, keep the hose or pressure washer nozzle 6-12 inches away from the wood surface. Be sure to check out our website to learn more helpful information about power washing your deck


Once the deck is pre-wet and pressure washed, it’s time for a cleanser, and what better cleanser than a professional-grade deck cleaner like the Stain and Seal Expert’s Clean and Bright products? Stain and Seal Experts, a trusted Tennessee deck cleaning company, offers superior products for optimal solutions. Dilute the cleaner as per the instructions, applying it evenly with a pump sprayer or brush for full coverage. Allow it to sit for around 10-15 minutes before rinsing. Finally, rinse the deck thoroughly to reveal a beautifully clean and refreshed surface ready for brightener.

#2: Brightening Your Deck

After cleaning your deck, it is common for your deck to look dull and lifeless. For a vibrant refresh, be sure to utilize a deck brightener or oxygen bleach solution, which are great for bringing out the natural color of the wood and eliminating mold spores effectively. This is also beneficial because it will help your stain prevail in the long run! 


Apply the brightener to the deck surface using a pump-up sprayer, paint roller, or brush. Follow the application instructions, ensuring thorough coverage of the affected spots. Let the solution sit for the recommended duration (typically 15-20 minutes) before rinsing. For persistent stains, consider gentle scrubbing with a brush or dedicated deck cleaning tool. Once you see a noticeable difference in the color of your deck, it is time to rinse your deck.

#3: Preparing for Stain and Sealer

Once you have cleaned and brightened your wood deck, ensure it dries completely before applying a deck sealant. The drying process may take several hours to a day or longer based on the weather and humidity levels, but it is recommended to allot 48-72 hours of dry time before moving forward in the process.


After the deck has dried, inspect it thoroughly to ensure all areas are clean. Address any missed spots promptly to prevent them from showing through the sealant application. Additionally, it is recommended to check for loose nails and secure them before sealing the deck.

#4: Stain and Seal Process

Once the recommended time has elapsed without rinsing or rain exposure, proceed with the application of your chosen stain and seal product. It is advisable to use a reputable Tennessee wood deck restoration company for the best results. Our team at Stain and Seal Experts offers a wide variety of these products so be sure to check out our selection of fence and deck stains online. 


Now that you’ve chosen your product, it is time to begin the application process. You can use a brush, roller, or pump-up sprayer for stain application. It is best to begin in a corner and work across, being sure to cover all surfaces of your deck. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the recommended drying time before walking on the sealed surface or returning furniture.

Our Team of Professionals Can Get the Job Done for Your Convenience

This is a task that can certainly be done at home by following these tips and utilizing our resources and tools, however, it can be a demanding and lengthy process. This is why the team at Stain & Seal Experts is here to take it out of your hands! As a professional Tennessee wood deck restoration company, we offer customized solutions within your budget for exceptional results and lasting protection against the elements.

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