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Pecan Fence Stain


Organic by definition, is a living or once-living organism.

Therefore, all wood is a natural material that comes from a once-living tree that was cut down and sent to be made into lumber. Starting from the moment the tree was cut down, it began to decay – this is nature’s way of recycling.

The rate of decay can be attributed to a number of factors that can be summed up as “Mother Nature”.  Sun, wind, rain, and insects all work in perfect precision to destroy your fence. Staining the wood will beautify its appearance. Sealing the porous wood grain will inhibit decay and rot. This is why it is vitally important to protect your fence with a good quality wood stain and sealant.

Nashville based Stain and Seal Experts is the leading fence staining company in Central Tennessee.

Our factory trained, certified fence stainers are the best in town. We look forward to helping you keep your fence looking great, and to help protect it from the elements with our high quality fence staining.